Here is a list of some of our friends…

America Loves Music – Our parent site and a great place for useful stuff for musicians, up and coming new bands, great venues, upcoming music festivalsunforgettable stories about your music experiences, and some excellent music videos.


Asheville Loves Music – Our sister site with an extensive calendar of live music events in the Asheville, NC area, with information on local bands, area venues, and local band videos. Search our calendar by type of music, or look to see when your favorite bands are playing.



Creative Graphic Effects – The wizards at Creative Graphic Effects can animate lettering, line art, and images for a fraction of the cost of other studios, AND get you your finished graphics in days instead of weeks! Assemble your video using special graphics for TextLine Art Drawings, and Full Color Images.

Mark’s Custom Creations – A master craftsman who can create anything you can imagine. See amazing galleries of Aquariums & Fountains, Commercial & Corporate Work, Metalwork & Sculptures, Museum and Interactive Exhibits, Prototypes & Inventions, Seasonal & Retail Displays, Woodwork & Furniture


Instant Organic Garden – “No matter who you are or where you live, our new approach to back yard gardening can help you have a productive vegetable garden that’s so easy, anyone can do it, even busy families! By using raised beds, weedless soil and our techniques to make the best use of limited space, you can grow delicious, healthy vegetables naturally, with no digging, tilling or weeding!”


Tango North America – Dancing Tango in your local community is great, but if you travel a lot like we do, you want to know what else is going on throughout the country WITHOUT having to go to 50 different Facebook groups to see what’s going on. Tango North America collects upcoming events from all across Canada, the United States and Mexico and posts them for free in a single, convenient calendar! Join tango lovers from all over North America and share upcoming festivals, marathons and events! It’s free to join and free to post events.