Noise Pop Bands Hit Bay Area


With the Noise Pop Festival coming up we thought it would be fun to introduce you to six up and coming bands.


Started in 2007, New Jersey native Michael Deni’s synth pop band, Geographer, has gathered 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify for its electro, analog and acoustic sounds. The three-member group has turned out three albums; in the two years since his latest release (2015’s Ghost Modern), Deni, who lives in San Francisco, has spent his time in his SF studio working on more than 100 songs to be released as their newest EP, Alone Time, in March. You may have caught Geographer’s show at the Fox two years ago or at Aaron Axelsen’s holiday party at Rickshaw Stop last December.



Based in Oakland, Tune-Yards always deliver. Merril Garbus – singer, and Nate Brenner – bass, offer a crazy mix of lo-fi percussion, ukulele, loop pedal, soulful vocals, and electric bass. The songs delve into topics such as social inequality, race, and police brutality. They bring dynamic energy on stage, working with a variety of eclectic artists. Their second album (Whokill), released in 2011, topped lists in TimeRolling StoneSpin and the New York Times. Their new album, I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life, is coming up soon.


Jay Som

Also based in Oakland, 23 year-old pop princess Melina Duterte, also known as Jay Som, started playing the trumpet but later turned to songwriting. After studying music production and recording in community college, she started self-releasing music produced in her bedroom studio. The notoriety got her gigs opening for Peter Bjorn and John and Mistki.


Field Medic

Hailing from San Francisco, and starting with the alternative trio Rin Tin Tiger, Kevin Sullivan has taken raw vocals and acoustic guitar to create Field Medic. He released two works last year – EP with a ludicrously long title, and his first album,for Run for Cover Records Songs from the Sunroom.



24-year-old Caleborate is a Berkeley-based student relaying the struggles of college life. His lyrical style has earned him great reviews from Complex, Fader, and XXL. The all think he’s an up and comer. With millenial angst and a bit of ’90s hip hop, his lyrics relate what it’s like to be young, broke and ambitious.;


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The San Francisco–based band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is certainly not a new-comer. Composed of Peter Hayes (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Robert Levon Been (vocals, bass, guitar), and Leah Shapiro (drums) – they’ve been touring internationally and have released eight studio albums since 2001. Their latest is Wrong Creatures.